Getting A Dense Hairline With Hair Transplants

Getting A Dense Hairline With Hair Transplants

It is possible to get a dense hairline with a hair transplant. New procedures make it possible to get them with different densities that will look very natural. The normal density of hair is 100 hairs per square centimeter. Several factors have to be considered to determine the density for your hairline.

First, you will need to find out how dense the hair you have is right now. The new hairs will be transplanted throughout the hair you already have. The more natural hairs you already have the higher density it will be. If your hair is starting to thin out all over your head then you will have less hair to select from, resulting in lower density.

There are several new techniques being used that will help with improving overall density for you. One is to use the scalp hair to implant along the hairline and other body hair for throughout the scalp area. This will give you a very natural look. If your hair is thinning out then you may need to participate in more hair transplant processes in the future. This is because men and women tend to lose hair as they get older. Your surgeon may decide to reserve hair that is available for later transplanting.

In some cases, there isn’t enough blood circulation in the area to allow 100 hairs per square centimeter. It may be reduced as low as 40 hairs per square centimeter. As newer techniques are developed the changes of being able to implant the higher numbers is possible. While you likely won’t get a hairline a dense as you had when you were a teenager, you will get a full head of hair that is very natural looking.

If your surgeon uses the Direct Hair Implantation technique, you will get the most natural look possible. If you are considering a hair transplant make sure you ask during the consultation about this procedure. You should also find out how many hair transplants the doctor has performed. They may also recommend a strip graft procedure or a follicular unit extraction.

Take the time to get at least two or three opinions from various doctors. Ask to see actual photos of other hair transplant patients both before and after the procedure. If a doctor won’t submit references or pictures that is an indication that you should look elsewhere.

The results are going to be on your body so make sure you find someone who can give you a dense hair line that is very natural looking.